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Site relocation

National Grid is building a cable tunnel from Bexley to Woolwich to cope with increased electricity demands in London. This project was first proposed in 2008, at which time we were warned that our miniature railway site, at Falconwood, would be required for one of the Tunnel Head-houses and that, consequently, we would have to relocate. The project was then put “on hold” and we were given various dates when the project was likely to restart – all of which passed with no activity.

We have now been told that the site will definitely be required by National Grid in 2019.

We do not have a definite date when we will need to be off the site, but we should be able to hold Public Running Days and Parties in 2019. We cannot as yet plan for a Santa Special in December.

Meanwhile, we are negotiating with National Grid and local Councils to identify assistance with relocation and suitable sites to which we can move the Welling and District Model Engineering Society facilities and its Miniature Railway.

A number of persons who come to our Public Events have suggested that a petition be raised. We thank them all for their thoughts, but a petition would be unlikely to change the tunnel plans and might adversely affect our relocation negotiations.

As soon as we have any updated information, we will post it on this site and notices will be posted at our Miniature Railway at remaining Public events this year. In addition, we have set up an if you have any questions about W&DMES activities, or the relocation progress.

If you have any suggestions about suitable sites to which we could relocate, or can offer any form of assistance with the move, please contact us using the or speak to one of the members at the Miniature Railway.