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12/07/2021 Update

Life Goes On

Orders have been placed for the construction and erection of our new club-house and other facilities at Hall Place & Gardens. There has been a number of delays in the supply of steel and other building materials, which has delayed the overall project, however, we have plenty of other work to be undertaken in the meantime

Ground-works for the new permanent track are well underway and are expected to be completed this week.

Meanwhile, dedicated volunteer members of the Society are now assembling parts of the new track, which will be located in Hall Place Gardens. These we will start to erect once the ground-works are completed.

We hope to have the track in operation by the end of this year, finances and weather permitting, ready for public running in April 2022.

Please watch this website for updates, or go to our Facebook page at "Welling & District Model Engineering Society"