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04/12/2021 Update

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The new permanent track at Hall Place is nearing completion with 100% of the "A" frames and associated track in place. Remaining jobs are to construct the new set of points, steaming bays and the carriage shed then test it all ready for Public Running in April.

The track must be fenced off before it can be used and a strong-armed gang will be needed to install the mass of wood to complete it. The fencing will surround over half the track length and consist of a "Ranch style" three plank design.

The Drivers' Rest Room is almost completed externally (is a building ever really completed?) and fitting out is at about 80%. Sink, toilet and power wiring needs to be done and we are still waiting for power and water to be arranged from the Sports Pavilion. Power from the Drivers' Room will be needed to steam-up, so this needs to be sorted soon.

The shell for our new Society HQ has been completed, except for the fire-exit and main entrance doors. With temporary power and water supplies, we are able to use it to get our tea brewed and stay a little warm while we drink it. Some fitting out has been started. The immediate main task is to build the fire-wall between the workshop area and the main meeting room. Once that is in place, we shall be able to start on the internal electrical wiring, corridor wall and toilet. Again, we are waiting to complete the permanent electricity supply to the building.

In all cases, work is dependent on funds being available. Brexit and COVID have hit us adversely (or that's the excuse)with the price of most goods increasing by up to 8%, almost overnight.

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