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04/05/2022 Update

See the Magazine for pictures

Continuing work on the Track Points, Steaming Bays as well as fitting out the Club-room - all of which are receiving attention from our willing volunteers - has precluded updating this page since February. The track fencing is now complete and we have a working carriage shed.

Adding to our workload, we were offered a complete workshop by the daughter of a model Engineer who was called to the Great Locoworks Above - so long as we completely cleared the garage/workshop no later than 11/04.

Almost simultaneously, we were offered a Bridgeport Milling Machine, Colchester Lathe and many tools - at a price we couldn't refuse - by another Model Engineer who can no longer use them. The movement of these wasn't as critical, however, a small working party had to make a number of visits to the workshop in order to dismantle the milling machine and build a ramp to get both machines up some stairs and out of a narrow doorway.

We now await the services of our "mate with the HIAB lorry" to shift these latter machines to our workshop. All will be great additions to our facilities along with other machines we already own.

Delays in arranging connection of Water and Electricity to the track area has, unfortunately, put the official opening into jeopardy. If we can get the water connected, we may still be able, following (we hope) successful testing of the completed track, to be ready for a revised Grand Opening by the newly elected Mayor and Public Running on 29 May. But that's still a tight timescale.

Please watch this website for updates, or go to our Facebook page at "Welling & District Model Engineering Society"