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30/03/2021 Update


The Legal Papers have now been signed with Bexley Council for us to remove to Hall Place.

The majority of the miniature railway track and infrastructure at Falconwood that we intend to keep has been dismantled ready for shipment to Hall Place. We hope to sell some equipment that is not needed at the new site, so that we can boost our relocation funds.

WDMES Members have already been working at the new site, clearing and shredding a large pile of brushwood, and other trimmings, to enable us to use an area for temporary storage. More of this work will be undertaken, in the next two week, to complete the clearance before birds start nesting in the "wood-pile". See photos in the Gallery

A number of quotations for the new buildings and track are being revalidated with suppliers and Purchase Orders will be issued accordingly in the near future.

Work at Falconwood was affected by the COVID restrictions in 2020 and we expect some effects at Hall Place as well in 2021. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to a new era of WDMES activities at Hall Place.

Please watch this website for updates, or go to our Facebook page at "Welling & District Model Engineering Society"