What we do

Promoting education and re-creation for recreation in South East London

A layout at "Clockwork and Tinplate Night" 2018

The Welling and District Model Engineering Society is located in South East London where members engage in Model Engineering in all its forms

Our Thursday "Club Evenings" feature talks on Model and Full Size Engineering, by members and invited speakers, as well as regular Chat Nights and "Show and Tell" sessions where the less experienced can gain knowledge from those "who have been there and done that".

Model Locomotives

Many of the members are interested in Model Locomotives which they build, or buy, and run on our permanent raised track which caters for 3.5″ and 5″ gauge models.  Many members support the Public Running Days and Parties on this track with their locos, whilst some just run a loco for their own pleasure

Portable Track

We, also, have a Portable Track, of the same gauges, which we take to local Village Fetes and Schools to raise money for charities and the Society

Gauge 1 Track and other sizes

There is a Gauge 1 Track for those interested in this smaller size of model and we reserve some club evenings for Garden Gauge, O and OO/HO trains – although the Society does not, as yet, have tracks for these.

isolated, road locomotive, england

Traction Engines and Road Locomotives

A number of members own models of this form of transport in various scales from 1″ to 4″ to the Foot.  These are brought to the Society’s “Traction Engine Evenings” or run at various other events in the locality.

Other Interest

The Society caters for members with diverse interests in Engineering such as Clocks, Models of Boats, Tanks, Aircraft, Stationary Steam and IC Engines and Radio Controlled Cars – in fact, almost any form of Engineering.  We host a “Big Bike Night” and “Even Bigger Car Night” for those members who tinker with full size machines.

Toy Steam, Clockwork and Electric is not forgotten.

Many members started their love of steam engines with a Mamod or Wilesco model, or their fascination with trains with a Hornby train-set, so we usually reserve a few “Club Evenings” for “Mamod Madness”, “Clockwork & Tinplate”, or “00 Electric” – when these toys and models are brought along and run to the delight of all