Data Protection

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In the following page, references to the male gender are also references to the female gender and, similarly between singular and plural.  “Shall” is mandatory, “should” is advisory.

Membership Data

In order to administer Society Membership and to conform with the General Data Protection Regulations 2013 and Companies Act 2006, only the minimum of personal data is held and processed by the society.  The  Membership Data is restricted to:-

The Name of the Member including any “Nickname” by which he prefers to be known.

The postal address of the Member.

Telephone Numbers for his Work, Home and Mobile Phone (if any provided).

E-mail address (if any provided)

Committee Membership and Office (if any)

Registered Number of any key issued to the Member giving access to a restricted area of the Society.

Preference for receipt of, and entitlement to, personal copies of Society Newsletter (Post, E-mail, Shared).

Members can request a copy of their membership record and one will be proved, free of charge, by the Data Controller on request.  A member can request that some, or all, of the data held is deleted from the database, however, this action could compromise his ongoing membership of the Society.

Membership Data is not sold or shared with third parties (except if required by law).  The Society does not publish a Membership List to its members.  Only the Society’s Directors and the Membership Secretary/Data Controller have access to a list of Members.

Membership Data is held on members who do not renew their membership by 31 January in any year, in order to cope with late payments and re-joining members.  Such data is removed from the Membership Database on 31 December in the same year, but held on an archive list until 31 December in the following year to conform with the Limited Liability Guarantee of the Companies Act 2006.

Boiler Test Data

The Society holds records of model steam boilers owned by its Members and operated in public.  Records of the Owner, the model and boiler identification, its Hydraulic and Steam Accumulation Test dates are recorded on forms in accordance with the Test Procedures of the Southern Federation of Model Engineering Societies and to conform with Society and individual insurance requirements.

Copies of such records are shared with the Southern Federation of Model Engineering Societies.

Details of forthcoming boiler test renewal dates are posted on the Society notice-board and in the Society Newsletter, to remind owners that their boiler is due for testing, and for the Boiler Testers so that they can arrange tests with owners.  These records are held and administered by the Society’s Boiler Test Records Officer.  The data so published is limited to the name of the owner, identification of the boiler/model in question and the test renewal dates.

Boiler Test Data will be communicated to other Model Engineering Societies, or individuals, at the request of the owner when the boiler is sold, or the owner joins another Society and his copies of the test records have been lost or destroyed